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PayPad is an mPOS solution that enables businesses receive payments via a smartphone, pre-installed with a mobile app, and is paired with the mPOS device.

PayPad is different in that it has varying beneficial advantages over the conventional POS, such as mobility, SMS & email receipts, affordability etc.

You can get PayPad from any of our partner banks for free. All you need do is walk into any branch, and fill a request form.

PayPad pretty much works by pairing the device with a smart phone that is preinstalled with a mobile application via Bluetooth connectivity.

Please get in touch with our customer support team and they will walk you through the set up process.

On the PayPad device and smartphone, ensure that the Bluetooth is turned on. Then connect both devices as you would any other smartphone.

Check if your device Bluetooth is switched on
Check if the card reader is switched on
Check if the device and card reader have been paired
Check if the card reader hasn't been earlier connected to the device

Check if the device has been connected to card reader

Is the card inserted properly
Is your card physically damaged

The PinPad is not showing a valid or invalid prompt because it does online PIN verification

Check to see if your internet connection still on
Check the strength of the internet connection

No, the application cannot work without Internet

Are the device and the card reader within a distance of 10 meters?
Did the device or card reader go off?
Check if the device bluetooth was not switched off

Did you get your activation code from ESL via SMS?
Has your bank notified you about the SMS?

Please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team via the number provided

About us

We are a world class FinTech Company, and the first mPOS provider in Nigeria offering innovative and practical payment solutions to merchants. At PayPad, we are committed to making sure that MSMEs are provided with world class solutions as a response to their ever growing payment need. We task ourselves to stay up to date with changing trends in the financial space and evolve with the trend.

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